Wear your faith!!!

If you follow my boutique then lately you’ve seen me share more of what I call my “Wear your faith” collection.  I felt it important to clarify “why”.

To some, it may simply seem that I own a boutique. I sell women’s clothing and accessories.

Sure, that’s true.  But the context of “why” runs much deeper.  I won’t bore you with the details of the struggles of my life.  It would be dishonest of me to say “I’m grateful for them all”.  I have definitely learned through them all, but they’ve also each taken a bit of a toll in different ways.  Finding myself in early menopause and soon facing an empty nest situation, some of the big questions of life started to resurface for me.

There is much in my life I am proud of and humbly grateful for:  My children, my husband, my family, my friends, my faith, my career.  The list is quite long.  So why was I struggling so much to find acceptance in who I was?  In who I am?

I think the truth is that we live in a society filled with images of fantasy and perfection.  Materialism and vanity and air-brushed images of bodies, of life.  But that wasn’t me.  I didn’t fit into that.  My body was aging.  I no longer looked or even felt my youthful vibrance.  I hadn’t “made it” as far as I thought I would in my career at this point.  I wondered...does that mean it’s “over”?  Is it “too late” for anything great?

The answer to that question can be found by reading below, and also by watching “Under the Tuscan Sun”-one of my all time favorite movies.  A-hem, I digress.  NO! No, It was not over.  Far from it!  I looked around and saw many other women just like me.  Women I admired.  Women who had “been through it” in life-and were more beautiful, stronger, wiser, better now than they EVER were before.  And THAT is the woman I want to celebrate.  THAT is the image I want to promote.  THAT is the culture I want to breed.  THAT is the example I want to set.  That is why I want to wear MY faith and encourage others to wear theirs!

So my boutique caters to these women.  Women who understand this concept....well,  I call them my “Blissed Out Babes”.

WHO is a Blissed Out Babe?

A Blissed Out Babe is a women with EXPERIENCE in the ways of life.  One who doesn’t give up, at least not for long, striving  everyday to become more of who she was made to be.  She knows life is a journey to be experienced, not a race to be won.  Every line on her face has a story to tell, a lesson to be learned.  She is magnificently BEAUTIFUL.

She’s loved lavishly.  She’s mourned grievously.

She’s won big.  She’s lost huge.

She’s given the best of her heart and her mind.  Some have given back, many have only taken.

She’s known the peace of having plenty.  She’s known the hardship of not having enough.

She’s searched far and wide for meaning and value.  She’s found it at times.  She’s felt lost many times.

She’s had BEST friends.  She’s dealt with enemies.

She’s had children.  She’s lost children.

She’s had great loves.  She’s lost great loves.

She’s forgiven.  She’s been forgiven.

She’s decided at times NOT to forgive. She’s experienced not being forgiven.

She’s been a warrior and victor.  She’s been defeated and lost her sense of purpose and drive.

She’s beautiful, but she’s felt ugly.

She’s tall.  She’s short.

She’s skinny.  She’s fluffy.

She’s satisfied.  She’s dissatisfied.

She’s loud.  She’s quiet.

She’s funny.  She’s smart.

She’s graceful. She’s fierce.

She’s youthful.  She’s aging.

She feels happy.  She’s depressed.

She is peaceful.  She’s anxious.

She speaks with the breath of God.  She shouts her emotions.

She is a daughter of God. Her value is worth more than rubies. She is magnificent. She is loved. She is you.

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